Therapeutic Massage utilizes a wide range of hands-on techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. It relieves muscular tension, helps reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, and increases mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

Therapeutic Massage can be used as a complementary addition to conventional treatment of an injury or illness to accelerate healing. When appropriate, scar tissue work can be gently incorporated to help reduce post-operative pain, restriction and numbness.

I started to see Michael two years ago when chronic neck and shoulder pain contributed to my having ongoing headaches. As I spend most days sitting at a computer, I had accepted that the muscle tightness and tension was going to be with me for as long as I worked. At the recommendation of a friend, I started working with Michael and now see him on a monthly basis. Michael releases the tight muscles and has given me exercises to help strengthen and also loosen the muscles. Since working with Michael, my headaches have ceased and my body generally feels much better. I attribute this change completely to Michael’s massages. He has an innate sense of how the body holds stress and frequently releases muscles that I didn’t know were even tight but nonetheless were hindering my movement. Michael takes his time and truly cares about the people he sees. I feel so lucky to have found him.


I started sessions with Michael after leg surgery that left me walking with a cane. His good work and knowledge solved chronic pain problems over time. One example was his use of Trigger Point Therapy for a persistent pain in my lower right leg. Not only did he relieve the pain, he eventually made it disappear entirely. In addition to therapy sessions, Michael has provided various exercises and other useful information. I am now back to a pain-free active life and continue to go to Michael for maintenance. He’s done more for my well-being than any medical doctor. And besides, he’s a really nice and caring person.


Michael has been a godsend. He spends the first part of our time asking me what’s going on, taking copious notes, sharing, and giving good suggestions. I feel heard and known. He then transfers this information to my body integrating all my bits. He is respectful and honoring. I feel I have an angel on board. I leave better than when I came.


Mon heure de massage avec Michael est non seulement curative, reposante, et informative, mais aussi agreable dans un cadre harmonieux et impeccable de propreté. Au debut de ma séance de massage, Michael prend le temps d’évaluer ma situation actuelle pour mieux s’addresser au problème dominant “du jour”. De par son touché, on comprend tout de suite qu’il est une bonne oreille, qu’il connait bien le corps humain, et qu’il est entièrement present pendant toute la durée de la séance. Je sors de la salle de massage, renouvelée, heureuse, et souriante.