Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) means universal (Rei) and life force (Ki). Energy flows and circulates throughout the body but can be disrupted by physical, mental and emotional distress.

During a session, the client is fully dressed and rests on a massage table. The practitioner places their hands on or above the body alternately covering 10-12 positions.  This stimulates an even flow of energy by working to release blockages thereby relieving anxiety and stress, alleviating pain and encouraging deep relaxation. 

Reiki is an accepted complementary therapy to Western medicine and is offered in a growing number of hospitals.

Michael and I met once a week for Reiki sessions throughout my four months of chemotherapy, and he attended each administration of IV therapy. The positive energy and proactive attitude he brought to this process were invaluable in keeping me calm and in charge of my treatment … I did not know anything about Reiki when we first met. I do know that Michael’s assistance was significant and profound. His presence was a gift, both literally and figuratively, and I know his help would be a huge boost to others going through similar transitions in their lives.


Michael worked wonders with my mother after her stroke. Despite good care, her time in the nursing home was fraught with anxiety, sadness and discomfort. Michael brought her peaceful moments through his skilled use of Reiki, his tremendous patience, and his terrific instincts. He took the time to learn about my mother’s interests and incorporated them into each session. After spending time with my mom, he always followed up by filling me in on the details of their work together. She was always calmer and more comfortable after their sessions. Through what was often a difficult time, Michael was a consistently positive influence for my mother and our family.


Hace muchos años atrás escuché a un amigo hablar sobre Reiki . Me pareció interesante y comencé a leer y a aprender un poco más sobre esa terapia y sus beneficios.

Conocí a Michael y desde hace más de 8 años visitó su oficina. Las terapias de Reiki me han servido mucho física y emocionalmente. Las terapias me han ayudado para el stress, para mejorar el insomnio, dolores musculares y para problemas estomacales.

Más que una terapia de relajación es para mi una terapia de sanacion física y emocional. Los resultados son sorprendentes.

Las sesiones de Reiki son muy agradables y relajantes. Yo recomiendo a Michael por ser un profesional muy honesto, responsable y lleno de conocimientos y compasión. El está siempre dispuesto a escuchar y a apoyar a las personas que visitan su oficina.