Research and clinical experience show that Oncology Massage provides a number of benefits for people living with cancer. These include improved sleep, reduced stress and relief from pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue.

Oncology Massage Therapists are trained to understand the side effects and complications of cancer. Modifications of massage techniques combined with bolstering and positioning are used to create a safe and supportive session specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs.

When appropriate, ScarWork can be gently incorporated to help reduce post-operative pain, restriction and numbness.

When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, one of the first things I did was increase my massages to weekly with Michael. I put myself, literally, in his hands. I already knew he was capable, experienced, and knowledgeable, I also knew him to be kind and supportive. With my cancer, he has kept track of my treatments and side effects, adjusting his work to my changing needs. When I head to his office, I know I’ll be able to relax completely. I also will be offsetting the isolation of Covid with safe touch.


Michael Gelsanliter first arrived at our home on a snowy January evening. Little did we know our great fortune. As he stepped in the house, his warm presence extended a deep calm. Immediately his thoughtful questions, keen ear for details, and bright smile put us at ease. We were in the midst of a genuine healing soul.

Michael’s many talents coupled with his innate kindness eased our circumstances as we were facing cancer of a serious nature.

My husband began looking forward to Michael’s weekly visits including a mix of gentle, thoroughly relaxing light pressure Oncology Massage blended with great conversation (if desired). The massage as well as adept “hands-on” Reiki Healing Energy had profound results as the release of deep tension was necessary to cope with the many effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Michael is truly an unassuming force of nature, an expert who fortunately shifted our focus and uplifted our hearts. He carefully provided marvelous tools allowing us to manage Jon’s complex challenges. These skills brought wonderful energy and an attitude of joy into our home. We are forever thankful for him, his obvious love of all life, reverence for nature, and an astute ability to care, connect, and respond with grace. He has been our greatest blessing on this unexpected journey.

—Jon & Lisa